A Sense of Calm and Joy

“I feel a sense of calm and joy when I’m about to go out there and when I’m there. It’s different from other programs because you’re out in nature.” 

Dear Friends of Garden Time,
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“I feel at peace with myself. I’m not stressed. It’s quiet in the garden. There I make a difference, not only to the group but also to the plants I tend. It is a truly wonderful place. I wish I could share with everyone.”
“The garden has helped me calm down and be at peace with myself because in the few hours we spend in the garden I’m not in prison. I’m free. I can think clearly. I can make a difference to people by growing stuff they’ll eat. And I can nurture life to my plants. This experience taught me to be more patient in my life.”
“When I work in the garden, I feel good knowing that I’m learning something that I can use to give back once I’m given a second chance.”

“I feel serene whenever I’m in the garden. If I could spend all day here I would. It’s my therapy, I get lost in my thoughts while I’m working on the tomatoes. The rest of the time and activities while incarcerated are stressful.” 
“I keep coming back to the program because this program and the instructors make me feel human again. Getting dirty, pulling weeds is the next thing to ‘mental freedom’.”
“I care more about the little things. It also has shown me that a lot of things are connected together. How people, plants, insects and the elements all work together to help each other get what they need. By me seeing this and understanding my role in it, it’s allowed me to see myself in society and the different role that I have to play.”