Who We Are

Garden Time Staff

Kate Lacouture, Co-founder, Executive Director & Garden Time Teacher

Kate Lacouture, a landscape architect and garden activist, www.greencircledesign.net, has built and managed school, community and prison gardens throughout the state.

Vera Bowen, Co-founder, Board President & Garden Time Teacher

Vera Bowen is the past president of the Rhode Island Federation of Garden Clubs and continues to serve in leadership roles for various gardening organizations.

Garden Time Guest Experts & Volunteers (partial list)

Robert Rafka, (aka Dr. Dirt), Chemist/Master Gardener/Teacher

Mary Blue, Herbalist, Farmacy Herbs

Elizabeth Truskoski, Herbalist

Catherine Mardosa, Farmer

Rich Pederson, Farmer, Southside Community Land Trust

Kayla Ringelheim, Program Director – Community Access, Farm Fresh RI

Tanya Solberg, Dietician

Tony Adams, Beekeeper

Vicki Iannuccillo, Artist

John Campanini, RI Tree Council

Garden Time Board of Directors

Vera Bowen: Board President & Co-Founder, Garden Time; Director of New England Region, National Federation of Garden Clubs, Past-President of National Federation of Garden Clubs. (Board member from Incorporation/2013-present)

Kate Lacouture: Executive Director & Co-Founder, Garden Time; Landscape Architect & Principal, Green Circle Design. (Board member from Incorporation/2013-present)

Sol Rodriguez: Former Executive Director, Open Doors, an organization that supports formerly incarcerated individuals. (Board member from Incorporation/2013-present)

Robert Rafka: Board Vice-President, Garden Time; High School Science Teacher, former Chemist at Pfizer, URI Master Gardener. (Board member from 2016-present)

Gerard Donley: Garden Time Program Graduate; Program Development Director, Conflict Resolution Training, Inc. (Board member from 2016-present)