College Courses

You may be able to get college credits for courses taken while you were incarcerated. These organizations can help you navigate that process.

Reentry Campus Program

Address: 1 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02903

Phone: 401-442-9795          Website:


The mission of the Reentry Campus Program is to provide currently and formerly incarcerated individuals with an affordable pathway to accredited post-secondary education and certification programs that are infused within the reentry process. Education is crucial to successful reentry.

The most cost affordable accredited degree option available to individuals inside and outside of prison. This program provides currently and formerly incarcerated men and women with assistance in finding affordable post-secondary education and certification programs. They have a program through Roger Williams University to provide reduced cost courses both inside the ACI as well as outside for those who are released.

You can apply online at

Reentry Campus also provides reentry services to their registered students at the ACI starting six months before their release. Contact James Monteiro for more information.

Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI)

CCRI is the least costly higher education institutions in RI but it only grants two-year degrees (associates) as well as certification programs. If you are interested in a college degree, you might think about enrolling for the first two years at CCRI and transferring to a four-year college to reduce the cost of the degree.

The RI Educational Opportunity Center provides fee services to help you search for financial aid and fill out college admissions and financial aid applications. There are four EOC offices in RI, located in the four campuses of CCRI – Warwick, Providence, Lincoln and Newport.

You can schedule an appointment by calling 401-455-6028.