Staying with Family and Friends

If you have friends or family in the area, staying with them may be a convenient temporary option for housing immediately upon release. But there are pros and cons to this arrangement. It is important to have the social support that family and friends can offer. They may provide temporary stability and know of good resources needed for your successful reentry. But remember, if you are under supervision after release, your probation office will need to approve your housing and may conduct home visits. And if you plan to stay with someone who is renting, make sure your stay does not violate the guest policy in their lease agreement. If you plan to stay with a friend or family member, just plan ahead to make sure you and your housing host understand all the consequences.

Homeless Shelters

Shelters are not a stable option but if you find yourself homeless, most shelters offer a free bed and shower for one night, sometimes multiple nights, but space is limited. If you are homeless and in need of temporary shelter in Rhode Island, you must call the Coordinated Entry System (CES) to access shelter.

The CES Hotline number is (401) 277-4316. This hotline is operated and managed by Crossroads Rhode Island. CES staff will conduct an assessment and try to locate shelter for you for the night. However, finding a space for you is not guaranteed.

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing programs are temporary programs that offer housing and services for otherwise homeless people. Keep in mind they usually have requirements you have to meet before you can move in, and there are usually waitlists. Some of transitional housing is reserved for special populations such as homeless moms with young children, victims of domestic abuse, those recovering from addiction, or veterans. For more information about veteran’s housing, go to:

Transitional Housing Agencies

Below is a partial list of social service agencies in Rhode Island that offer temporary housing.

Amos House

Location: 460 Pine Street, Providence      Phone: 401-272-0220   Website:

Crossroads Rhode Island

Location: 160 Board Street, Providence      Phone: 401-521-2255   Website:

McAuley House (for single moms and their children)

Location: 622 Elmwood Ave, Providence     Phone: 401-941-9013   Website:

House of Hope (small number of apartments)

Location: 3188 Post Road, Warwick           Phone: 401-463-3324   Website:

Lucy’s Hearth (small number of apartments)

Location: 19 Valley Road, Middletown     Phone: 401-847-2021   Website: