While a car is extremely useful in a state with limited public transportation, buying and owning a car incurs many expenses including reinstating your driver’s license, registration and insurance for the vehicle, parking, taxes and upkeep. In addition to public transportation, there are new transportation options that you can use while you’re saving up for a car or working through the process of getting a valid driver’s license.


The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority provides public transportation, primarily buses, in the state of Rhode Island. The main hub of the RIPTA system is Kennedy Plaza, a large bus terminal in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Bus tickets are $2 per ride or $3 with a transfer.

The RIPTA Flash Pass app can be downloaded to a smart phone. The app allows riders to purchase tickets on their phones with a credit card. It also provides detailed schedule information including current locations of buses.

You can use a map app on a smart phone to help you ride the bus as well. Type in your starting location and destination. Choose the bus symbol and directions will include bus routes and schedule options. RIPTA schedules are also available online at


There are two transportation services that offer an often cheaper alternative to taxis – Uber and Lyft. Both services use independent drivers to provide rides that you can schedule through apps on your smartphone. [An app is an application that you download onto your smart phone or computer that allows you to perform certain tasks.] Visit their websites for more information and to set up an account – and


Zip cars are a car sharing service that also can be used via an app. They are parked in central locations and you can rent them by the day or hour. Find out more information and see if there is a Zip car near you at their website:  You can also rent electric bicycles and scooters in Providence through two companies – Spin  and VeoRide . You will need a credit card to use these services. If you want to buy a bike, there are several shops in Providence that offer used bikes for sale, including DASH Bicycle Shop and Recycle-a Bike both in Providence.


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