Whether you are looking for a temp job or a career, there are resources to help with your job search.


We often find jobs through family, friends, and other personal networks. However many jobs are posted on the internet. Employers such as Home Depot post jobs online at their websites and ask job seekers to apply online. Jobs are also posted online on job boards or job lists. Large well known job boards, like, include jobs all across the country but these two online job lists are just for Rhode Island.


Residential construction jobs in RI:


RI jobs (all kinds):


RINLA has an online board of green industry job openings:


There are also temporary job agencies that supply companies with short term workers. Sometimes these jobs lead to full time employment.


Website: Phone: 401-228-1270   Location: 260 W Exchange St. Ste 008, Providence, RI

TRADESOURCE (For Construction Jobs only)

Website:  Phone: 401-921-5882 Location: 205 Hallene Rd, Warwick, RI

TRADESMEN INTERNATIONAL (For Construction and Marine and Shipyard jobs)

Website: Phone: 401-291-1544 Location: North Kingstown, RI


There are also agencies that help job seekers prepare for and find jobs. Some charge for their services but those listed below are free.


Focus: Helping unemployed RI adults find jobs

Locations: 1 Reservoir Ave, Providence; (also in West Warwick and Woonsocket) Phone: 401-462-8900 Website:

Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:00 Am – 4:00 PM; Fri 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Make an appointment: To make an appointment to sit with a job counselor, you first have to register online at EmployRI and fill out an online application. You can find both at the website:

Services: Workshops on interviewing skills, resume writing, and how to search for jobs on the state’s job board; job fairs with employers looking to hire workers; counselors to help you with the job search process. They also have a list of job training programs in Rhode Island that netWORKri will help pay for (up to $5,500) if you qualify. To determine if you qualify for training, you must first meet with a career counselor at netWORKri. To schedule an appointment, follow the steps above – “Make an Appointment”. (See Appendix for list of possible trainings. Note that some trainings cost more than the $5,500 that netWORKri will pay. If this is the case for the training you want, you would have to pay the difference.)

Fees: netWORKri services are free


Focus: matching unemployed Rhode Islanders with employers who are hiring.

Location: 30 Exchange Terrace, Providence Phone: 401-680-5960   Website:

Email: fill out the contact form on their website and staff will respond to your email

Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 Am to 5:00 PM

Make an appointment: first you need to fill out the online resume form on their website

Services: online job listings, announcements of openings sent through email, help with matching job seekers to available positions

Fees: Free


Federal and state governments provide tax incentives for employers who hire individuals with criminal records. It is helpful for you to know about these incentives.

Two of these programs are:

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC): The federal government offers the WOTC to any employer that hires an individual within one year of their release from prison. WOTC is a $2,400 tax break to the employer for each formerly incarcerated person they hire.

Federal Bonding: Rhode Island purchases federal bonds that provide a certain type of insurance for companies that hire people with criminal records. These bonds are available for no cost to you.

You may be eligible for other tax credits or grants. OpenDoors can help you to identify and apply for financial incentives, including the two above, for which you may be eligible. For more info please call the OpenDoors Employment Program Coordinator at 401.781.5808 or email at


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