GED Programs

A GED or high school diploma is the minimum level of education to gain jobs above the minimum wage. If you don’t have your GED or high school diploma, hopefully you will take advantage of the classes offered at the ACI. If you are being released and don’t yet have a GED, there are a variety of agencies in Rhode Island where you can attend GED classes for free. Many enroll in September and again in January and often have waiting list so apply as soon as you can. A few offer classes during the summer.

If your reading and math skills are strong enough you can also take the GED tests without going to classes. There are GED testing centers at CCRI, and in Middletown, Cranston, Peace Dale, and Woonsocket. (See Appendix for a list with addresses.)

You can also take practice tests online to see how ready you are to take the GED tests. To access sample tests, go to: Please be aware that it is not legal to get a GED through online courses. Offers of getting your GED online for a fee are a scam.