Government-Assisted Housing

There are several programs funded by the federal government that provide housing assistance to low income individuals and families. There are income eligibilities requirements, set by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that are similar for all types of government assisted housing and based on the size of your family. If you live alone, you are generally not eligible unless you are over 62, or disabled, or handicapped. You can find more information about government assisted housing programs online in Rhode Island at

Housing Choice Voucher program (Section 8 Rental Assistance)

This federal program provides housing assistance in the form of a “voucher”. Under this program, you choose and lease affordable, privately owned rental housing where the owner/landlord has agreed to participate in the program. Tenants are required to pay 30-40% of their gross household income in rent and utilities. This type of subsidy is tenant-based, meaning the assistance is tied to the individual rather than the property. To be eligible, you must meet certain income guidelines based on the size of your household and the community in which you want to live.

There is a centralized waiting list (CWL) for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. You can apply to the program through this online system and once you have applied, it provides access to various HCVP waiting lists through a single application. If you are interested in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, go to: and select “applicant login” to create an account and apply. There is no fee to complete an application.

Project Based Voucher Program (Section 8 Subsidized Apartments)

This program also provides low-and moderate-income households with monthly rental assistance. However, this assistance is tied to particular apartments themselves rather than to the tenant. RIHousing administers the program in over 300 specifically designated units in various privately-owned developments throughout the state. This program also uses the online centralized application and waiting list process mentioned above.  If you are interested in the Project Based Voucher Program, go to: and select “applicant login” to create an account and apply.

Low Income (Public) Housing

These apartments are located in subsidized housing developments and often have long waiting lists. Tenants are required to pay approximately 30% of their gross household income toward rent and utilities. This program also has income eligibility requirements based on how many are in your household. These developments are also project-based, which means that the financial assistance is attached to the property itself, and not the tenant. You can contact the management office of the development in which you wish to live to apply to be placed on the waiting list or to obtain more information.

You can find a list of subsidized housing developments in the Rhode Island Rental Resource Guide online at: