The Steel Yard

Industry focus: welding/metal fabrication

Location: 27 Sims Ave, Providence

Phone:   401-273-7101    Email:  Website:

Training: Weld-To-Work is a 35 hour, one week training Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Learn basic metal fabrication with tools such as such as the oxygen-acetylene torch, plasma cutter and MIG welder. Call to find out the current class schedule.

Fee: Free with $175 stipend for those who finish the course

Application: print out a copy from their web page and mail or deliver it in person

Entry Requirements: 18 years of age, RI resident, able to read and understand English, meet low-income eligibility requirements (based on federal poverty levels). Some felony convictions, such as sexually based crimes, may prevent you from applying.