Computer & Internet Access

In today’s world, internet access makes our daily tasks more efficient; some tasks can only be done online. Cell phones provide internet access but you can also get free computer and internet access at libraries, cafes and many other public spaces. Follow their instructions to connect. FIND INFORMATION AND SUBMIT APPLICATIONS There is a world of information on the internet. This guide, for example, lists quite a few websites that give you more information about job trainings, employment search, services and assistance. Many of the training programs listed in this guide ask you to apply online and most job applications are also now online. LEARN TO BE SAFE ONLINE You will be asked to come up with passwords for many sites. To create a strong password, choose several unique dictionary words that you can easily remember but that are not easily associated with you and your online persona. For example, do not choose the names of family members, seasons of the year, etc. but something like – “lively-green-forever”. Some sites may require that your password include capital letters, numbers, special characters or any combination of these. In this case, our example would instead be “LivelyGreenForever2%”. Most importantly, make your passwords unique but memorable only to you. Be careful not to open any unknown email attachments or click on any suspicious links, even ones that look like they were sent from someone you know. There are bad people on the Internet who send emails that try to lure you into opening malicious files or clicking links that may ask for your online credentials (username and password.) Accidentally sharing those could allow those bad people to log into your email or banking accounts. This is commonly referred to as ‘phishing’.