Scholarships & Programs for Children of Incarcerated Parents


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RISE provides children whose mother and/or father have been or are currently incarcerated with scholarship opportunities for 8th graders and a mentoring program.


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A scholarship program for kids from low-income families with a parent who is or has been incarcerated. Services include private school tuition, tutoring, mentoring and after school programs. Children enroll between kindergarten and 4th grade.


Books Beyond is a program at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections in Cranston that helps strengthen the bond between inmates and their children through books. Volunteers help inmates choose new, age-appropriate books for their children from a large selection of children’s books. Under the guidance of the volunteer, the inmates read and record the books onto audiotape or CD. The volunteer then mails the books and the tapes or CDs home to the children to keep.

For more information, ask if this program is offered at your facility.